LiDAR Reinvented

At Sense, we’ve designed a scalable LiDAR architecture without any compromises

Sense Flash
100% solid-state reliability
High-resolution at high frame rate
Global shutter output ​
RGB fusion without timestamp correction for motion blur ​
Low BOM cost with easy assembly, calibration, alignment ​ ​​

Proprietary Laser Assembly

Our fully-automated process lifts thousands of micro-VCSELs from their native substrate and prints them to a non-native, flexible substrate in a single step.

Sense Illuminator

Our exclusive 940nm, class 1 eye-safe, low-cost, distributed VCSEL array delivers high optical output energy over a wide field-of-view. Its unique flexible design consumes low electrical power and dissipates heat efficiently.

Simple Optics

We pair an optical diffuser with our application-specific light source to illuminate the entire scene uniformly at once without using complex MEMS or rotational scanning.

3D Global Shutter

After illuminating the scene, depth & intensity data per pixel are captured simultaneously for the entire field-of-view just like a global shutter camera. All points in each frame return an identical timestamp eliminating complex motion blur-correction. The full-frame, structured data approach also makes it easy for neural networks to interpret and query the data.

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