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Sense Photonics Wins RBR50 Innovation Award for Osprey LiDAR System

Robotics Business Review has named Sense Photonics a recipient of the 2020 RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards, presented annually to forward-thinking organizations contributing to growth within the robotics sector.

Sense was awarded under the “Technology & Services Innovation” category for the launch of Osprey, a fully solid-state, high-resolution 3D Flash LiDAR system for automotive applications introduced earlier this year. The modular system is Sense’s first offering specifically for ADAS and autonomous driving, and they are taking orders now for engineering testing units.

Osprey is a milestone in what’s possible for the automotive market in terms of offering high performance at an affordable cost. Take a ride through San Francisco’s famed Lombard Street through the eyes of Osprey to see for yourself:

RBR Vice President Dan Kara – who oversees the RBR50 Awards – provided this analysis on Osprey:

“Sense Photonics’ proprietary laser and sensing solution provides advantages over both standard LiDAR solutions and other 3D Flash LiDAR providers. The company’s laser array and 3D receiver provides for an ultra-wide field of view, and the images themselves do not suffer from motion distortion. It is also possible to combine Osprey with 2D cameras to create a 2D textural image overlaid with 3D depth imagery.

Sense Photonics also produces its own advanced laser emitters that overcome earlier drawbacks to flash LiDAR sensors – namely, high cost, along with limited range and resolution. These attributes map to Sense Photonics’ primary value proposition – namely, high-performance delivery of quality data at low cost – which is especially well suited to automotive safety systems such as collision avoidance and lane-departure warning systems, as well as with autonomous driving in general.”

For more information on Osprey, get in touch with the Sense Photonics team via our contact page or email us at [email protected]

About Sense Photonics

Sense Photonics is building the next generation of 3D perception systems for automotive and industrial sectors including autonomous vehicle LiDAR and 3D sensors for robotics, material handling, activity monitoring, and other industrial applications. Its core Flash technology is protected by over 200 patents and enables a simple, high-performance, solid-state solution with no moving parts. Sense Photonics has offices in San Francisco, CA, Research Triangle Park, NC, and Edinburgh, UK. It is backed by leading VC firms and strategic investors and has developed partnerships with leading automotive and robotics customers.

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