Sense Photonics has developed new detection technology that hits a key milestone required for self-driving cars. Its new technology can sense objects from 200 meters, a benchmark many lidar businesses have set for highway driving as they seek tie-ups with automotive manufacturers.

A final contender that’s worth mentioning here is Sense Photonics, which we covered back in January. Like the other companies we’ve discussed, Sense is using VCSELs and SPADs for its lidar. However, Sense is using a technique called micro-transfer printing to spread its lasers out. This allows the lasers to use more power without running into heat and eye safety problems

We’re honored that our CEO, Shauna McIntyre, has been included on this list by Robohub.

The poll, conducted by market research firm Harris Insights and Analytics and Sense Photonics, a company that makes 3D sensors and industrial robotics, showed that 35% of Americans would be happy to avoid traditional in-store shopping forever.

Laser Focus World Editor at Large Conard Holton interviews Shauna McIntyre, CEO of lidar solutions developer Sense Photonics, who has more than 25 years of industry experience that includes leadership roles at Google, Ford, and Honeywell.

I think we’re well positioned in the market, we managed our growth very well and we didn’t get too big too quickly, so that’s serving us well now to be able to recruit some really outstanding talent,” McIntyre said in explaining how she managed to win over such high-powered competitors.

The Sense One flash camera from Sense Photonics is a 3D, solid-state lidar that promises to help autonomous robots and vehicles see farther and more safely.

Sense Photonics has an innovative method to package thousands of lasers together.

Nice overview by TechCrunch describing features and benefits of our upcoming LiDAR product, and the availability of pre-orders. 

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