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Sense Photonics Announces Groundbreaking MultiRange™ Capability on Newest LiDAR System

Contact Us Contact Us Multiple ranges, fields-of-view and resolutions in a single flash SAN FRANCISCO – JUNE 14, 2021– Sense Photonics, the world’s leading automotive …

Press Release

Sense Photonics Demonstrates the World’s First 940nm Global Shutter Flash LiDAR with 200-Meter Range for Mass-Market Automotive Applications

Sense Photonics announced today that it has achieved an industry-first by successfully demonstrating 200-meter detection with its proprietary global shutter flash LiDAR system.

Press Release

Sense Photonics Names Google Veteran Shauna McIntyre CEO

Automotive industry executive to lead innovative automotive and industrial 3D perception company

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Gabe Sibley Named to Board of Directors of Sense Photonics

Industry veteran’s joining brings significant autonomous vehicle, industrial robotics and computer vision experience to the board

Press Release

Sense Photonics Raises $26 million To Expand Depth Sensing For Autonomous Vehicles And Industrial Robotics

Company is building the next generation of LiDAR and 3D sensor solutions, with ground-breaking technology based on over 200 patents

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