MODEX 2020 Takeaways

Erin Rapacki | March 26, 2020

Understandably, many of you were unable to attend MODEX 2020 this year, so we wanted to share some of the top warehouse automation takeaways gathered from our conversations with attendees.

We also want to acknowledge the difficult decisions around COVID-19 and we hope that your families and coworkers stay safe and healthy. For those who were able to attend MODEX 2020, it was great to have the opportunity to meet so many of you in person. All of us in the warehouse automation and material handling industry have an important role to play in supporting our economy, supply chain, and the delivery of essential goods.

Erin Rapacki
Erin Rapacki

Erin is the Director of Business Development at Sense Photonics. She is a recognized expert in high-value applications for robotics and operates at the intersection of product management, project engineering, customer development, and product-market fit. Over the past several years, she has worked to advance industry interest for telepresence robots, indoor mobile robots, and robotic picking in warehouses.

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