Sense One

for industrial applications

The Sense One offers a powerful combination of range, resolution, and field of view.

Using a FLASH LiDAR architecture, the unit delivers fully solid-state 3D sensing without scanning.

Its design is ideal for high-performance operation in a variety of industrial applications, including robotics, material handling, activity monitoring, last-mile delivery, volumetric measurement, motion tracking, 3D inspection, palletization and more.

2.5x Wider Vertical Field-of-View
75° vertical FOV compared to 30° vertical FOV for other sensors

7.5x Higher Vertical Resolution
Angular resolution is 0.27° compared to 2.0° for other sensors

Up to 40m Range Outdoors
Combine range with a wide FOV for imaging large workspaces

HDR Mode
Accurately image a wide variety of object surface reflectivities

Multi-Camera Interference Immunity
Reliable operation in multi-camera systems using a 940nm wavelength

There are currently 3 variations available, each optimized for different applications.

Range figures refer to 10 Hz and 50% reflective targets; up to 100% increase in range at lower frame rates and reduced resolution.

We are now accepting orders, with initial product availability beginning in Q2 2020.

If you are interested in exploring what this new technology could mean for your product roadmap, contact us today.

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