Lidar’s Fourth Generation: No More Compromises

The 4 Generations of Lidar: Rotating, MEMS, Electronically Scanning, Global Shutter Flash

To make sense of the wide array of lidar technologies in the market today, it helps to divide the market into 4 generations of lidar systems. Learn more about the evolution and future of lidar.

Project Godzilla – The End of Compromise

Sense Illuminator plus Sense silicon

We are poised to roll out the first LiDAR solution that meets all the automotive industry’s needs for ADAS and AV, at an affordable cost, and in a conveniently modular package.

PPS: Finally, a Consistent Metric to Gauge Lidar Performance

Scanning vs Flash Lidar

Introduction Individual performance metrics, such as range, have traditionally been used to define a Lidar system’s overall performance in the market.  As such, too many customers get an incomplete look at a Lidar system’s true capabilities, because a system designed to maximize performance in one dimension (like range) comes at the expense of other key […]

LiDAR Everywhere

Hydra-Matic drive article

Take a look at the past to see where LiDAR will be in the future.