SENSE Osprey

for automotive applications


Osprey by Sense Photonics is the world’s first high-resolution, solid-state FLASH LiDAR system designed for ADAS and autonomous driving. Built on a revolutionary modular architecture, Osprey delivers ultra-wide vertical coverage that captures objects from the curb to the horizon.

80° x 75° Ultra-Wide Field-of-View

Up to 15m Range
For 10% targets at 100 kilolux ambient

7.5x Higher Vertical Resolution
Angular resolution of 0.27° compared to 2.0° for other sensors

10 FPS
Fast, full-frame image capture

Completely Solid-State
Reliable solid-state operation without scanning or moving parts

We are currently offering 2 variations, each optimized for different applications.

Range figures calculated at 100 kilolux ambient light with target reflectivity of 10% or 50% as noted; up to 50% increase in range
at reduced resolution.

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