WEBINAR: An Approach To
Automotive LiDAR That Makes Sense

Hod Finkelstein | January 27, 2021


Hod Finklestein, Sense CTO, presents to the Sunnyvale Sensor Fusion group some of the latest exciting new developments from Sense. This includes advances in our automotive LiDAR technology that can improve ADAS, AV, and more.

Topics covered include:

  • A paradigm shift in automotive LiDAR enabled by core IP
  • LiDAR requirements for automotive mass production
  • Review of legacy automotive LiDAR architectures
  • Explanation of the sense flash architecture
  • Walkthrough of the sense technology, including wavelength, emitter and receiver
  • Examples of long-range LiDAR point clouds


Hod Finklestein
CTO, Sense Photonics

Hod defines the technology direction and leads Sense Photonics’ next-generation lidar development team.

He started his career at Intel, designing the early Pentium chips and was in charge of semiconductor technologies at Mellanox Technologies. During his PhD, he invented the first generic-CMOS Single-Photon-Avalanche-Diodes (SPADs) and first demonstrated arrays of these devices. 

Hod was Director of Technology Development at Illumina, the $45B DNA sequencing company, where he managed the development of on-chip CMOS DNA sequencers. He was later CTO at TruTag Technologies, where he conceptualized and developed an award-winning handheld and battery-operated hyperspectral camera.

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