See Everything. Do Anything.

At Sense, we design and deploy scalable 3D vision systems that are transforming automotive and industrial use-cases for LiDAR using low-cost sensors and our breakthrough autonomous and robotics automation technology platform

Superior 3D Data

Full frames of instantaneous, high-resolution depth pixels seamlessly delivered without vertical gaps

Move Past Moving Parts

Our 100% solid-state architecture has no gimmicks, MEMS, or optical mechanics

Low-Cost By Design

Revolutionary sensor performance and in-house lasers built using established silicon semiconductor technology keep our architecture simple to manufacture and easy to scale

From Loading Docks
to Shipping Decks

Deploy robots that can navigate safely indoors & outdoors in all lighting conditions by simplifying your sensor stack in warehouses, truckyards, and factories

Complete Visibility
from Curb to Horizon

Leverage rich, near-range 3D data featuring road surface to treetops to enhance your maps and collision avoidance systems, and reduce your AI’s workload

Our Work in Action

Robotics Business Review has named Sense Photonics a recipient of the 2020 RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards, presented annually to forward-thinking organizations contributing to growth within the robotics sector.

“I think we’re well positioned in the market, we managed our growth very well and we didn’t get too big too quickly, so that’s serving us well now to be able to recruit some really outstanding talent,” McIntyre said in explaining how she managed to win over such high-powered competitors.

Nice overview by TechCrunch describing features and benefits of our upcoming LiDAR product, and the availability of pre-orders.